The Grandmother

This is a movie poster for the film "The Grandmother" by David Lynch. It is a horror film made in 1970. Texture was used as a key element when I designed this poster.

Save Music

This is a bus station poster for a fictional event that is to raise awareness for the music industry. The event is about encouraging people to invest, and own their music, and not download it for free. For the imagery of the poster, I used a photograph that I took which consists of abstract shapes, as well as the title "Save Music" cut out and stuck to the wall. I used this imagery to help create a earthy organic feel to the poster.

Opera Poster

These posters are part of a series that is to advertise upcoming operas at the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto. The design was influenced by the way the opera would make different parts of the body feel when the audience watched and listened. This was a team project that I worked on with Bronwen Ruttan, a fellow design colleague.



This is a brochure for a fictional shoe company. This brochure focuses on their new line of footwear that is specifically designed for working professional women who require comfortable footwear. I designed the logo and all of the graphics for this brochure.

Annual Report

This is an annual report that I designed for a fictional water bottle company "Inox." Strong emphasis was placed on bold colours, interesting texture, and pleasing layout.


Here are some logo designs that I have created for myself as a designer.


Bees in Peril

This is an interactive application that is designed to raise awareness about the declining bee population. I designed the look of the app and, the graphics of this application were coded by me.

Fox and the Crow

This project was an interactive story telling application that is to be controlled by leap motion gesture controls. The app tells the story about a fox and a crow. I designed the graphics, and hand painted and drew the illustrations. This project also consisted of informational text based videos discussing global warming.


Magazine Cover

These are magazine covers for a fictional company. I designed a male and female version.

Poem Spread

This project consisted of two spreads about a poet. The firs to be an informational spread about the poet himself, and the second to be about his poem. I designed these spreads with the idea in mind that they would be part of a larger book consisting on many different poets. The spreads could eaisly be adapted to fit many different poets.